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I See My Baby


 This book will help anyone going through challenges to become a mother. It is a true testimony of the high and low moments of trying to conceive a child. The book includes intimate details of attempting conception through natural and professional methods.  



Colour. Synopsis of plot. Spoiler alert.
Ed works in a photographic shop in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in 1970. For many months he’s been having a strong relationship with Gail on the phone, but he’s never met her or seen her. Not so much as a photo.
He’s reached the point that he believes himself in love with her and arranges to meet in person. She doesn’t seem too willing. No wonder! When he arrives at her home at last, he finds out she’s a Coloured. (A separate race in SA, not Black) He’s shattered, this is 1970, at the height of Apartheid. Such relationships were illegal.
After the initial shock, Ed finds he simply cannot ignore Gail, and that he has fallen in love with her to the point that he can’t live without her. He feels he could still take her out, an opinion Gail does not share, but she goes along with it. There are several dating attempts, but they all fail.
After the villain, Sgt. Van Greuning of the South African Police vice squad appears things get tense. 

Broken Inn


A moonshining hermit

A budding reporter

A $25 million misdirection

The mob, undercover agents, and secret payloads make Broken Inn a dangerous place for a fresh reporter, a newspaper photographer, and a moonshining hermit.

Hailey witnesses a murder at the enigmatic Broken Inn, but when she learns that the hotel manager and her editor are pals, she investigates on her own. When a corrupt guard finds her snooping, she flees into a box canyon, where she is saved by a gin-brewing recluse named Relic. She reports the murder to a deputy, but for some reason, no arrests are made... She enlists help from Ash, the newspaper’s photographer, but they must flee for their lives into the back country with Relic and a four-legged stray with a nose for trouble. They discover mysterious metal drums hidden deep in an abandoned uranium mine, but can’t tell what’s inside. And just when they’re most desperate for help, they learn that not everyone is who they seem…

Can they uncover the secrets of Broken Inn, dodge the syndicate, and prevent an environmental disaster?

Buck Hole Hollow: Adley


Buck Hole Hollow


Adley was a fiercely independent woman who liked to do things on her own terms. Davis was three years out of a bad marriage, where he found out his wife never really loved him. Neither of them was looking for a relationship. Davis fought his feelings for Adley with every chance he got, but doing that messed with his head worse than anything else. And, he had a business to run.


Davis had the cutest Appalachian accent to go along with smoldering good looks. It looked like you could swim in his deep blue eyes until they turned lighter with ice crystals around them -- usually when his ex-wife showed up.

Davis bought the property next to Adley's and they met while she was clearing the property lines. Neither wanted a relationship, but their hearts said otherwise.

Homo destructus - Animals Paid The Price


This book is my parting gift, so to speak, to “voiceless” animals and future generations. It comprehensively reviews our gross mistreatment of animals across spheres - stray and pet companion animals, animals on factory farms, and wildlife. It is a small book with a short message: prevent animal cruelty.

But it also carries a more ominous lesson for younger and future generations. The immense suffering we inflict on animals results not only in an "incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit," as Einstein put it but also a more catastrophic loss in the "free" ecosystem services we take for granted. The vision of a more prosperous future is illusory because it will backfire sooner than we think.

It is time to re-evaluate our lives and act – for animals, the planet, and us. I can only hope this book will help in some small measure. 

Heather: Tu’u Maia Lou Lima (Give Me Your Hand)


A heart-wrenching and yet a heartwarming story of a young Sāmoan-Scottish girl and how she endured and survived 60 years of abuse. She shares her story and hopes more women and children will be spared from mental and physical abuse.

Contemporary Shamanic Journeys - Volume Three


In this Volume Three of the Contemporary Shamanic Journeys series, the author takes the readers on the roads of North, Central and South America, exploring pre-Columbian civilizations, Indigenous traditional teachings and other ancient cultures, with the ancestral legacy their histories left us with. The Seven Fire Prophecy, the return of the White Buffalo, the mending of the Sacred Hoop, the reunion of the Condor and Eagle, the emergence of the Rainbow warriors and manifestations of other Native prophecies were witnessed and experienced first hand by the author, who renders a personal account of related milestone events. Various medicine teachers, shamanic practitioners, Elders and Wisdom Keepers met along the way have blessed the narrator with guidance and precious gems of spiritualist science shared in this series. 

 Apart from adventures, expeditions, gatherings, ceremonies and encounters, these memoirs provide geographical knowledge and historical insights, as well as reflections on the development of modern society via colonialism, admiralty law, secret societies, social engineering and the globalist agenda. Human relationships, whether positive or negative, remain among our experiences offering the greatest challenges and teachings along our life path. Everyone we met is a part of our life and should be acknowledged. Honoring the contributions of our peers, whether teachers, friends or foes, helps us to assimilate the lessons we are meant to learn. Thus, no biography would be complete without personal anecdotes. The greater perspective aims at healing and long term spiritual evolution for our souls. May this collection of true life stories sharing some of the knowledge they provided be inspirational, educational and entertaining for the readers. Best blessings to all...

Deconstructing Karl Marx & Communism


All communist revolutions have ended in dictatorships – not in a classless society. Why is this? More importantly: Can this deviation be avoided? Analyzing Marx’ stern imperatives and scant directions, it seems that the seed of a disappointing outcome lies already embedded within his doctrine.

“Deconstructing Karl Marx & Communism” opens with a character study of the man who gave the communist promise its scientific flair: Karl Marx, a philosopher, a father, a sponger, a leader, an activist, and a most formidable intellectual swindler.

The Candy in My Pocket


Imagine becoming legally blind while working at becoming a renowned architectural designer. You have an 18.4% mortgage on a building you’ve just started renovating; rent is due for your office; and employees must be paid. What would you do? Or picture yourself with kidney disease which requires a transplant. Then, at the age of 30, you are diagnosed with heart disease requiring two medicated stents. How would you cope? And, after all that, what if you fought osteomyelitis with IV antibiotics for 20 years but finally had to have your leg amputated? Would you have the strength to survive?

These are a few of the amazing questions resolved in John Robert Wiltgen’s compelling memoir The Candy in My Pocket. He battled many debilitating complications of type 1 diabetes (T1D) while creating a prestigious design firm with projects across America, Canada, Mexico-even Africa.

With unwavering honesty, Wiltgen chronicles the immense challenges he faced in his relentless struggle against this silent killer. But The Candy in My Pocket is not solely about conquering diabetes, it is also about the author’s determination to preserve his identity and keep close those he held dear. This captivating narrative reveals Wiltgen's relentless pursuit of a life of purpose while remaining optimistic amidst overwhelming adversity.

As an award-winning international designer commissioned by celebrities, world leaders, and other luminaries his memoir includes larger-than life tales that are extremely entertaining. It includes exciting celebrity cameos with stars such as Jane Seymour, Timothy Hutton, Angelina Jolie, Sean and Robyn Wright Penn, Steve Harvey, John Cusack, the former Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria (who is now President of that country) and Jesus.

Wiltgen's compassion, wisdom and an irreverent sense of humor will inspire individuals of all beliefs and backgrounds to embrace optimism even in the darkest of times. By sharing the lesser-known consequences of diabetes, Wiltgen also endeavors to raise awareness about this deadly disease.

Wiltgen's narrative intertwines moments of adventure, laughter, and even fear, whisking readers away from their own lives and immersing them in a world brimming with hope and possibility.

Leadership with a Servant's Heart: Leading in Your Workplace


Great leadership always matters. Yet, there is a noticeable mismatch between what employees want and what leaders deliver. It’s what drives the current state of the workforce. Best-selling author Kevin Wayne Johnson addresses a myriad of challenges and solutions for aspiring and current leaders to narrow this gap. The result is that leaders will know better, do better, and ultimately, lead better. They are servant leaders.

Leadership is a spiritual gift from God (Romans 12:6-8). His Word reminds us that “Every good and perfect gift is from above… (James 1:17). “ Unfortunately, it’s a gift that, from time to time, is misused and abused by some in positions of power and authority. When this happens, leaders at all levels, across multiple venues, cause those who they are entrusted to lead to walk away. People don’t leave organizations. They leave because of poor leadership (people).

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Jade, the Youngest Ever Witch


Jimmy Crikey is the bullied alien born on Earth who became an orphan but chose to stay among his new friends in the magical lands of RoomBelow. His close friend Jade approaches the end of her apprenticeship with Matilda as a witch. There are several challenges to complete before she can graduate as a fully qualified member of the sister’s Coven. Matilda is head of the four guardian witches of Earth’s realms but has been called to move to a higher level. Who will be appointed as her successor?

Jimmy is told not to help Jade directly. She must succeed in the trials using only her skills.

When collapsing roofs threaten the cave world of Lithnia, both Jimmy and Jade’s skills are needed to save Lithnia from the giant, rock-chewing beatles who originated in Egypt as scarabs.

The Sky Islands have been caught in tornado winds and a whirlwind. It is tearing the islands apart. Matilda instructs Jade to go to their aid. Jimmy is forbidden from interfering, but he does help Jade to carry out her plan to save the Islanders. Can the youngest witch overcome the danger?

Madam Coptra, who rules the Sky Islands and has given birth to The Weatherman’s, aka Lord Oron’s, son, Helios, must be introduced to the Coven of sister witches.

The dreaded Giant Scarabs return to their destructive chewing of rocks, threatening the very structure of Roombelow, far away from Lithnia.

Jimmy and Jade trace the beatles resting place to a floating island in the Arctic seas, where the Centaurians, a race from planet Xe in the Alpha Centauri system, are seeking diamonites from Lithnia to protect their planet from gamma rays being emitted by one of their suns. To save their world, they would risk destroying Earth. Jimmy employs XRU, his talkative starship’s navigator, to help the aliens find a material to shield Xe from the deadly rays.

Can Jimmy and Jade save the Centaurian’s world and Earth even as Matilda prepares for her next world of Witchcraft? 

My Sister Wants an Elephant


Randy’s sister wants a WHAT?!? And his Mom isn’t flat-out saying no?!

My Sister Wants an Elephant is the true story of two siblings who team up together to convince their mother to let them own a couple of wild animals as pets, and a mother who just might be persuaded.

Full of humor and fun, this book is a good lesson in not giving up on your dreams, no matter how truly wild they may be!

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