Growing Up Aspen - Adventures of the Unsupervised

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Language : English

Publication Date : May 15, 2023

Book Description

Growing Up Aspen is the inside scoop on Aspen, Colorado in the 70s and 80s as recounted by four friends who grew up there, pre Prada, Gucci, and paparazzi. Back when Aspen was like Mayberry in the mountains but with John Denver, Nick DeWolf, and Ted Bundy mixed in. These intimate recollections of the contributor's personal experiences capture the essence of small town living and the importance of community. Their stories include funny, poignant, sometimes disturbing life lessons (parental discretion is advised, though it was largely ignored, back in the day). Through their stories we see how their lives are intertwined with the evolution of their beloved town. Aspen was in the midst of irreversible change ... and these kids knew exactly what was going on.

"The stories in Growing Up Aspen will take you back to a time and place that no longer exists. Arguably the best of times and I can't disagree. In indulging in the book, I find myself back in our old Aspen on silly, foolhardy, daring adventures that would make any young Aspenite proud ... and make the more mature survivors weep with joyful sadness." - Greg Poschman

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