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CLOUDLESS LOVE ... in the time of Artificial Intelligence

In 2035 in Sydney’s new city of Bradfield, two women set up a nightclub called Cloudless, where people leave their AI enabled devices and robots at the door. A singer-songwriter from Far North Queensland completes the love triangle. Then the world’s dominant AI platform pulls the plug without warning.

This is the story of three Australians travelling north at the end of the world as they’ve known it, who find love triumphs in complex and unpredictable ways.

Under Blue Cloud Skies: The Sequel to Coming to Her Senses

Coming to Her Senses: A Coming-of-Age Novel

The summer of 1970, Janet Johnson was best known to her peers as an introverted poetess. Raised in the mountains of western North Carolina by parents whose religion taught fear and shame, Janet had buried herself in books and her writing, occasionally coming up for air to spend time with her fearless friend Shirley. All of that was about to change. Her relationship with Anthony Blue Cloud, a young Cherokee artist whose parents had returned to the mountains after raising him in upstate New York, turned her world upside down as the two navigated prejudices, becoming young adults together, and the twists and turns of challenging the status quo and threatening small town hypocrisies. Enduring violence, alienation, and heartbreaks, together they master lessons of resilience and fortitude rarely learned on more familiar paths. From her entrance into Anthony's world, delving into the Cherokee language and culture, to her escape onto the streets of Mexico City's sprawling metropolis and return back home again, Janet's sense of identity is shaped and transformed in ways previously unimaginable to her.

Self-Improvement & Self-Love 52-week Guided Journal for Women

Hello ladies!! I’m so glad that you are here! This guided journal came about as a tool to support you through the modern challenges of life and the speed at which we all live. The world is changing so quickly and we all have to adjust and learn at a rapid pace.

This guided journal came about after many years of stress, fear, doubt, insecurity, lost friendships, and loneliness.

I was desperate to spring clean my mind and gain clarity. I was also desperate to put my mind and body in order and my answer was journaling.

The harder things got, the closer I came to having to make huge decisions and leave the T Junction of procrastination, the more I wrote.

Writing for me was therapy and the way forward. Here I am today significantly healthier, happier, and clearer about my future, able to look back and be grateful for my life. It has enabled me to digest my past and plan my future without depression or anxiety.

I hope and pray that this guided journal will also strengthen and support you as you move forward on your journey.

No matter the season of your life, may you find self-improvement and self-love through journaling. I hope that you record your thoughts, plans, dreams, and prayers and that you personally transform into all that you deserve to be.

You are worthy of all you wish for.

Kat x

Self-Improvement and Self-Love One Day Workbook for Women


Would you like to transform your life quickly?

Discover the essential solutions to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Kat Murdock shares with you the secrets to creating long-lasting healthy boundaries.

You will learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, understand your emotions, and create unstoppable self-esteem.

You will master all the crucial habits of self-care that lead to incredible confidence and self-love for life.

Learn the proven solutions to rediscover and reclaim the incredible you!

Discover the carefully crafted personal development exercises.

This workbook offers practical, effective, and proven techniques that will help you declutter your mind, resolve past life lessons and unleash your full potential.

Fast-track solutions to a new you.

Inside, you’ll discover life-changing tips and advice for:

breaking free from anxieties, guilt, and past traumas

owning your strengths and inner beauty

managing your emotions with empathy and awareness

building unshakeable self-esteem with good micro habits

manifesting your passions and interests into reality 

• creating real long-lasting relationships with others

Building unstoppable motivation.

And lot’s more! 

Awaken the Warrior Inside

Embark on an emotional journey through "Awaken the Warrior Inside," a poignant anthology of poetry born from a silent room in Bristol Children's Hospital.

Penned amidst a father's heart-wrenching journey alongside his daughter's battle with leukaemia, these verses are a testament to resilience, addressing the shadows of anxiety, fear, depression, numbness, and disbelief that accompany trauma. In the hushed moments of introspection, the author finds solace and strength, crafting poems that echo the triumphs and struggles of the healing ward.

This collection paints vivid landscapes of both the father's and daughter's physical and emotional resilience, offering readers a profound glimpse into the kaleidoscope of emotions defining the journey through illness. The rhythmic cadence of the author's pen becomes a refuge for those facing their own battles, providing a transformative experience through poetry.

"Awaken the Warrior Inside" transcends the boundaries of illness, inviting readers to explore universal themes of strength, hope, and creativity. This anthology celebrates the human spirit's capacity to find beauty and solace even in the darkest moments. With each carefully crafted line, the collection becomes a stepping stone towards healing, offering a reminder that, even in adversity, the human spirit can find its voice in the whispers of resilience. Join the author on an intimate odyssey through these pages, where each poem is a beacon of light, guiding the reader through the shadows and into the heart of strength.

The 8 Languages of Love and the Gems of Personality Ignite That Relationship and Get It Back The Confidence You Need Secrets that Last

Navigating the intricacies of love can be daunting in a world where emotions and personalities are diverse. But what if you had a compass to guide you through this maze? This book introduces the fascinating idea of personality gems that help unravel the mystery of love. These gems form a powerful lens, allowing you to view from a unique perspective, appreciate the complexities, and embrace their beauty.
Discover practical strategies for enhancing communication, resolving conflicts, and understanding the unspoken needs beneath the surface. Unearth the secrets to building confidence, enabling lasting relationships, and uncovering the hidden gems within each personality. Embrace the chance to ignite or rekindle the connections you've always desired.
Gary S. Park's principles are essential for anyone seeking a positive transformation. This guide is valuable for single adults and married couples who want to deepen their connection and strengthen their bond. These practical strategies and insights enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and uncover the hidden gems within each personality. Whether you are single, searching for love, or in a committed relationship, this book is the key!
This guide goes beyond the conventional, exploring:
· The intricate nature of the eight languages of love, helping you identify your own language and understand those of others.
· The concept of personality gems and how they influence our relationships and communication styles.
· Practical tips and techniques for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and understanding unmet needs and desires.
· Strategies to build and maintain lasting relationships, ensuring they remain strong, healthy, and satisfying over time.
· Empowering advice to bolster your self-esteem and confidence, enabling you to assert your needs effectively in your relationships.

Embark on this transformative journey today and discover the secret to achieving the deep, satisfying connections you've always craved.
Knowledge is power. Expand your horizons.
Get your copy today!
Discover more at

"My Stroke in the Fast Lane: A Journey to Recovery"

My Stroke in the Fast Lane: A Journey to Recovery begins on Easter Sunday morning. While driving home on an interstate highway at 65 mph, Bonni had a stroke. Her 86-year-old mother, sitting in the passenger seat, grabbed the wheel and crashed them into a guardrail. Bonni's stroke left her unable to walk, talk, or swallow. The timing couldn't have been worse. Her son was getting married in only eight weeks on Martha's Vineyard.

This profoundly moving memoir is about Bonni's recovery and resuming what she calls her "magnificent life." Told with authenticity and honesty, her tenacity, perseverance, and humor see her through the darkness of Stroke Land. Bonni's courage and resilience take the reader on a compelling and inspirational journey.

I See My Baby

 This book will help anyone going through challenges to become a mother. It is a true testimony of the high and low moments of trying to conceive a child. The book includes intimate details of attempting conception through natural and professional methods.  

Chandra’s Quest

In an alternate universe, Earth was invaded by a race of aliens from a planet called Nykarus and the result was a war that lasted five years, until a distress signal was sent out two years after the war started and intercepted by an old enemy of the Ny’Karin race.
The Kygourins fought side by side with humans to defeat the invaders, sending them back to the Pledius star system. However, many humans were stored in cryo-chambers on board the Ny’Karin motherships. When the Ny’Karins arrived on their home world, they distributed the Humans they had to habitable planets to the nearby solar systems; their funereal fate sealed to serve as slaves. Unlike many humans that were scattered throughout the system, Chandra an Enforcer (a cyborg soldier) was not meant to be a part of the culling, through a strange twist of fate, she was taken to one of Eurleau’s moons, Dyna and auctioned off to a Madam of an elite brothel. Adara takes her to the city Mu and Chandra undergoes a transformation, enabling her to serve as a high-class prostitute. Several years pass and Soran, Emperor of Nykarus, has tracked down Chandra. He pays Adara Sunn a visit, demanding that she hands Chandra over to him. She reluctantly agrees however, a clandestine meeting with a bounty hunter named Xenos, has swayed her decision and she sells Chandra to him. Xenos and Chandra leave Southern Atlan and her Life at the brothel ends but her quest to find the truth about herself, begins. The implant in her head is just the beginning. Her journey will take her to lands she has never seen before and dangers she must face along the way.

The Candy in My Pocket

Imagine becoming legally blind while working at becoming a renowned architectural designer. You have an 18.4% mortgage on a building you’ve just started renovating; rent is due for your office; and employees must be paid. What would you do? Or picture yourself with kidney disease which requires a transplant. Then, at the age of 30, you are diagnosed with heart disease requiring two medicated stents. How would you cope? And, after all that, what if you fought osteomyelitis with IV antibiotics for 20 years but finally had to have your leg amputated? Would you have the strength to survive?

These are a few of the amazing questions resolved in John Robert Wiltgen’s compelling memoir The Candy in My Pocket. He battled many debilitating complications of type 1 diabetes (T1D) while creating a prestigious design firm with projects across America, Canada, Mexico-even Africa.

With unwavering honesty, Wiltgen chronicles the immense challenges he faced in his relentless struggle against this silent killer. But The Candy in My Pocket is not solely about conquering diabetes, it is also about the author’s determination to preserve his identity and keep close those he held dear. This captivating narrative reveals Wiltgen's relentless pursuit of a life of purpose while remaining optimistic amidst overwhelming adversity.

As an award-winning international designer commissioned by celebrities, world leaders, and other luminaries his memoir includes larger-than life tales that are extremely entertaining. It includes exciting celebrity cameos with stars such as Jane Seymour, Timothy Hutton, Angelina Jolie, Sean and Robyn Wright Penn, Steve Harvey, John Cusack, the former Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria (who is now President of that country) and Jesus.

Wiltgen's compassion, wisdom and an irreverent sense of humor will inspire individuals of all beliefs and backgrounds to embrace optimism even in the darkest of times. By sharing the lesser-known consequences of diabetes, Wiltgen also endeavors to raise awareness about this deadly disease.

Wiltgen's narrative intertwines moments of adventure, laughter, and even fear, whisking readers away from their own lives and immersing them in a world brimming with hope and possibility.


English backpacker on trial for murder in Australia. Newspapers exclaim: “Evil temptress -killed her lover- fed his body to crocodiles!” Susan refuses to tell what happened on that fateful day. Who is the man she killed – a man with no history? Is he a man whose story is too awful to ever be told? Desolate, Susan plans her escape: to end it forever. Will the truth be revealed before it’s too late?

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