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The Ickles® First Bite!

Looking for a Quick Snack?

The Ickles® are proud to dish up 20 mind-tingling short stories to delight readers whose appetite includes fun, fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi themes– you certainly won’t go hungry.

If you like aliens, AI robots, sharks, octopus, and mermaid stories, plus animals, bugs, boats and planes you'll love these Ickle stories. Each page-turning tale transports you to a whimsical world of pure imagination.

You’ll meet:

  • Heroickle, a 12-year-old video gamer who saves his school and the world from an alien invasion.
  • Technickle, who invents an AI robot that goes rogue, threatening to exterminate all non-AI lifeforms.
  • Tentickle, an octopus who captures a band of smugglers.
  • Spherickle, who outruns an avalanche and survives.
  • Unmusickle, who can't carry a tune and becomes an overnight singing sensation!
  • Zoologickle and her wonderful world of animals.
  • Aquanautickle and an encounter with a shark.
  • Biologickle and the hidden world of bugs.
And many more incredible stories and characters.

ON THE BRINK–Chaos and Mayhem at the Office

At age eleven, Dave Powers balks at the escalating cost of fireworks in New York’s Chinatown. He opts instead to buy them wholesale and sell them, albeit illegally to his classmates. He concludes the marginally profitable but error-ridden venture leaving him brimming with confidence and captivated by the promise of entrepreneurship.

Over the next few years, a series of tragic events shatters his world. Dave must learn to navigate life’s challenges, including basic survival, business, and a love relationship. Upon entering the advertising world during the Mad Men era, he struggles to find his way amid the socially accepted excesses of nepotism, alcohol consumption, and the exploitation of women. Can Dave find the maturity to achieve his dreams? Or are his scars too deep to overcome?

Based on true events, On the Brink is a novel for young readers beginning their own journey, nurturing adults trying to soften their failures, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives.

Intrigue At Longbourn: Elizabeth Bennet's Secret Investigation & Mr Bennet's Audacious Plan

…Imagine how it was before Netherfield is let.

‘Intrigue At Longbourn’ is probably the most authentic ‘Pride & Prejudice’ derivative you will ever read.

Elizabeth Bennet enjoys a lively six months before Netherfield Park is let at last. She is appalled to learn that a pregnant teenage kitchen maid, Alice, was dismissed from Longbourn House eight or nine years earlier with no thought for her welfare or that of her unborn child.

Unable to involve her family on the occasion, she approaches the recently arrived, handsome, young rector of Longbourn parish, Mr Wilde, and he agrees to assist her in secret. Their apparently clandestine association is noticed and misinterpreted by some.

Meanwhile, to secure the family’s future, Mr Bennet embarks on a complicated, high-risk scheme which is ultimately in danger of spiralling out of control.

Holidays provide welcome diversions and the social scene is enhanced by a young scientist named Julius Fairweather.

Nevertheless, father’s and daughter’s separate manoeuvres inevitably clash, stoked up by a jealous mischief-maker, as the summer races inexorably towards Michaelmas of 1797 when a young man of large fortune named Bingley first enters the neighbourhood.

…Become better acquainted with the characters in Jane Austen’s magnificent ‘Pride & Prejudice’ and prepare yourself for the sequel, ‘Menace At Pemberley’…

…Witness the first encounters between Elizabeth and Darcy…

…Read the first chapter of ‘Menace At Pemberley’ which begins immediately after Elizabeth and Darcy marry and continues with a large Christmas family gathering at Pemberley as foretold in ‘Pride & Prejudice’…

Written in a classic, easy-to-read, literary style, ‘Intrigue At Longbourn’ is a well-researched account of life in the late eighteenth century for the landed gentry and others and is a tribute to literary icon Jane Austen. 

FAITH, STRENGTH, AND COURAGE: A Memoir of Overcoming Adversity & Embracing Life's Journey.

In a world of chaos and uncertainty, "Faith, Strength, and Courage: A Memoir of Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Life's Journey" by Gregory O. Proctor. shines brightly as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

In this captivating memoir, Gregory takes readers on a heartfelt journey through his battle with cancer, revealing the incredible power of faith, the strength of the human spirit, and the unwavering courage to face life's greatest challenges.

Gregory's story serves as a testament to the indomitable will of the human soul, from the moment of his diagnosis to the grueling treatments and financial hardships that followed.

Within the pages of this awe-inspiring debut book, you will discover the transformative power of faith, strength, and courage in the face of life's toughest trials. Gregory shares his profound insights and practical strategies for cultivating mental strength, offering invaluable guidance to cancer patients and anyone facing adversity.

As you delve into Gregory's remarkable journey, you will witness his resilience as he navigates the depths of despair and emerges with renewed hope and determination. His unwavering faith, strength, and courage prove that even in the darkest times, the human spirit can triumph.

"Faith, Strength, and Courage" is not just a book but a guiding light for those seeking inspiration, guidance, and a renewed sense of purpose. Let Gregory's story illuminate your path as you navigate your challenges, discovering the strength within you to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and forever changed by this extraordinary tale of faith, strength, and courage. Allow Gregory's words to touch your heart and inspire you to embrace a purpose, passion, and joy-filled life.

May "Faith, Strength, and Courage" serve as a reminder that even during chaos, there is hope. And within each of us lies the power to rise above adversity, guided by faith, fueled by strength, and empowered by courage.

Strong Women of God Prayers and Reflections

Strong Women of God Prayers and Reflections: For Daily Faith, Resilience and Empowerment Journal includes scripture verses, reflections on the Word, and journaling space to guide your walk with God and strengthen your journey. The inspirational topics include Faith, Self-Improvement, Love and Inner Beauty, Strength during adversity, Forgiveness, Patience and Trust. This is transformative prayer and reflection journal designed to strengthen your connection with God and empower your daily life.

7 Empowering Sections:
Knowing God: Deepen your understanding of the divine.
Letting Go: Surrender and trust in God's plan.
Love: Explore the profound love of the Almighty.
Faith: Strengthen your faith journey.
Courage: Find the bravery within through prayer.
Forgiveness: Embrace the healing power of forgiveness.
Purpose: Discover your unique purpose in God's plan.

Daily Motivational Bible verses with Kat Murdock's reflections and writing space for your own prayers.
Thematic Organization: Verses organized around key themes.
Guided Reflections: Reflect and meditate on the daily verses.
Journaling Prompts: Deepen your own understanding by journal writing.
Ideal for personal worship.
Great for group Bible study.
"Strong Women of God" is not just a prayer journal; it's a transformative tool for daily empowerment, resilience, and faith. Grab your copy now and embark on a meaningful and successful journey with God!

DIssonance Volume I: Reality

Plug your ears. Don't look.
The war for humanity has begun.

Cameron "Jet" Shipley was there when they arrived in 2026. He, and everyone else, lived through the next decade and a half, learning to hide. Learning to never make a sound. Learning the most important rule of all:

You just...don't...look.

The year is now 2042, and humanity is eking out an existence in the shadows. Cameron and his team are sent out on a recon mission in Clarksville Tennessee, with events and developments that may alter the trajectory of Earth's fate...and his own.

Joined by newcomers Bassett and Trudy, Cameron and his brother Rut will have to contend with a powerful force that has laid waste to the planet and annihilated over eighty-five percent of civilization.

Will Jet's expeditions lead him on a slippery slope of discovery that demands accountability and answers?

Or will it plunge the earth, and everything in it, into further dissonance?

"Aliens" meets "A Quiet Place" in this dystopian sci-fi thriller series.

CLOUDLESS LOVE ... in the time of Artificial Intelligence

In 2035 in Sydney’s new city of Bradfield, two women set up a nightclub called Cloudless, where people leave their AI enabled devices and robots at the door. A singer-songwriter from Far North Queensland completes the love triangle. Then the world’s dominant AI platform pulls the plug without warning.

This is the story of three Australians travelling north at the end of the world as they’ve known it, who find love triumphs in complex and unpredictable ways.

Under Blue Cloud Skies: The Sequel to Coming to Her Senses

Coming to Her Senses: A Coming-of-Age Novel

The summer of 1970, Janet Johnson was best known to her peers as an introverted poetess. Raised in the mountains of western North Carolina by parents whose religion taught fear and shame, Janet had buried herself in books and her writing, occasionally coming up for air to spend time with her fearless friend Shirley. All of that was about to change. Her relationship with Anthony Blue Cloud, a young Cherokee artist whose parents had returned to the mountains after raising him in upstate New York, turned her world upside down as the two navigated prejudices, becoming young adults together, and the twists and turns of challenging the status quo and threatening small town hypocrisies. Enduring violence, alienation, and heartbreaks, together they master lessons of resilience and fortitude rarely learned on more familiar paths. From her entrance into Anthony's world, delving into the Cherokee language and culture, to her escape onto the streets of Mexico City's sprawling metropolis and return back home again, Janet's sense of identity is shaped and transformed in ways previously unimaginable to her.

Self-Improvement & Self-Love 52-week Guided Journal for Women

Hello ladies!! I’m so glad that you are here! This guided journal came about as a tool to support you through the modern challenges of life and the speed at which we all live. The world is changing so quickly and we all have to adjust and learn at a rapid pace.

This guided journal came about after many years of stress, fear, doubt, insecurity, lost friendships, and loneliness.

I was desperate to spring clean my mind and gain clarity. I was also desperate to put my mind and body in order and my answer was journaling.

The harder things got, the closer I came to having to make huge decisions and leave the T Junction of procrastination, the more I wrote.

Writing for me was therapy and the way forward. Here I am today significantly healthier, happier, and clearer about my future, able to look back and be grateful for my life. It has enabled me to digest my past and plan my future without depression or anxiety.

I hope and pray that this guided journal will also strengthen and support you as you move forward on your journey.

No matter the season of your life, may you find self-improvement and self-love through journaling. I hope that you record your thoughts, plans, dreams, and prayers and that you personally transform into all that you deserve to be.

You are worthy of all you wish for.

Kat x

Self-Improvement and Self-Love One Day Workbook for Women


Would you like to transform your life quickly?

Discover the essential solutions to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Kat Murdock shares with you the secrets to creating long-lasting healthy boundaries.

You will learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, understand your emotions, and create unstoppable self-esteem.

You will master all the crucial habits of self-care that lead to incredible confidence and self-love for life.

Learn the proven solutions to rediscover and reclaim the incredible you!

Discover the carefully crafted personal development exercises.

This workbook offers practical, effective, and proven techniques that will help you declutter your mind, resolve past life lessons and unleash your full potential.

Fast-track solutions to a new you.

Inside, you’ll discover life-changing tips and advice for:

breaking free from anxieties, guilt, and past traumas

owning your strengths and inner beauty

managing your emotions with empathy and awareness

building unshakeable self-esteem with good micro habits

manifesting your passions and interests into reality 

• creating real long-lasting relationships with others

Building unstoppable motivation.

And lot’s more! 

Awaken the Warrior Inside

Embark on an emotional journey through "Awaken the Warrior Inside," a poignant anthology of poetry born from a silent room in Bristol Children's Hospital.

Penned amidst a father's heart-wrenching journey alongside his daughter's battle with leukaemia, these verses are a testament to resilience, addressing the shadows of anxiety, fear, depression, numbness, and disbelief that accompany trauma. In the hushed moments of introspection, the author finds solace and strength, crafting poems that echo the triumphs and struggles of the healing ward.

This collection paints vivid landscapes of both the father's and daughter's physical and emotional resilience, offering readers a profound glimpse into the kaleidoscope of emotions defining the journey through illness. The rhythmic cadence of the author's pen becomes a refuge for those facing their own battles, providing a transformative experience through poetry.

"Awaken the Warrior Inside" transcends the boundaries of illness, inviting readers to explore universal themes of strength, hope, and creativity. This anthology celebrates the human spirit's capacity to find beauty and solace even in the darkest moments. With each carefully crafted line, the collection becomes a stepping stone towards healing, offering a reminder that, even in adversity, the human spirit can find its voice in the whispers of resilience. Join the author on an intimate odyssey through these pages, where each poem is a beacon of light, guiding the reader through the shadows and into the heart of strength.

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