Song for Someone

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Language : English

Publication Date : Nov 27, 2022

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Charlotte Sapori has led a wonderful life safely tucked in the bosom of her family. Her mother, Irene Adler, is a renowned opera singer, while her father, Lucca Sapori, does important government work that frequently takes him away from them. Charlotte is close to her brother Nicco, and they are both doted on by their parents. All is well until her mother receives an unexpected diagnosis which shakes the family's core. 

Knowing herself to be dying, Adler confesses to Charlotte things that have long been kept from her, telling her to find and read her diary. A distressed Lucca Sapori tells her to read his as well. And by the way, Lucca Sapori is not his real name. In fact, she may have heard of him-he is actually the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes. 

Charlotte finds both diaries and plunges into the hidden world of Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes as she discovers what brought them together and how they managed to stay together for thirty years despite battling the odds.

This novel of outstanding beauty is told using the narratives of Charlotte, Adler and Holmes. The author has essentially used a magnifying glass as the readers look at Holmes and Adler --investigating the mysteries of the heart. Through their eyes, we begin to see and understand the character from each other's perspective. The emotions they wrestle with and the appreciation and acceptance that love allows us to see. We are all different....and without understanding,----without love, we remain different. Investigate Song for Someone, an endearing look at an enduring love.---genius! Jon Oshiro -The Sign of Holmes.

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