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Publication Date : Mar 14, 2024

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Looking for a Quick Snack?

The Ickles® are proud to dish up 20 mind-tingling short stories to delight readers whose appetite includes fun, fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi themes– you certainly won’t go hungry.

If you like aliens, AI robots, sharks, octopus, and mermaid stories, plus animals, bugs, boats and planes you'll love these Ickle stories. Each page-turning tale transports you to a whimsical world of pure imagination.

You’ll meet:

  • Heroickle, a 12-year-old video gamer who saves his school and the world from an alien invasion.
  • Technickle, who invents an AI robot that goes rogue, threatening to exterminate all non-AI lifeforms.
  • Tentickle, an octopus who captures a band of smugglers.
  • Spherickle, who outruns an avalanche and survives.
  • Unmusickle, who can't carry a tune and becomes an overnight singing sensation!
  • Zoologickle and her wonderful world of animals.
  • Aquanautickle and an encounter with a shark.
  • Biologickle and the hidden world of bugs.
And many more incredible stories and characters.

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