The Englewood Medium: Shaken But Not Stirred

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Character & Plot

Plot :

Lots of twists and turns


Language : English

Publication Date : Nov 30, 2023

Book Description

When Haley Meyers opens a new chapter in her life with a move to the charming town of Englewood, Pennsylvania, everything seems perfect: her freshly remodeled apartment, easy access to her therapy practice, and a handsome downstairs neighbor to boot. 

The very last thing she expects as a housewarming gift is the sudden appearance of her long-deceased father.

Her idyllic image of the small town disappears when Haley finds herself the target of an unknown stalker who goes on a campaign of terror and destruction. She puts her newfound psychic talents to good use, but will she be able to discover who is after her before someone gets hurt? When her client is the victim of foul play, Haley can't help but wonder: Will she be next?

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