Book Description

Colour. Synopsis of plot. Spoiler alert.
Ed works in a photographic shop in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in 1970. For many months he’s been having a strong relationship with Gail on the phone, but he’s never met her or seen her. Not so much as a photo.
He’s reached the point that he believes himself in love with her and arranges to meet in person. She doesn’t seem too willing. No wonder! When he arrives at her home at last, he finds out she’s a Coloured. (A separate race in SA, not Black) He’s shattered, this is 1970, at the height of Apartheid. Such relationships were illegal.
After the initial shock, Ed finds he simply cannot ignore Gail, and that he has fallen in love with her to the point that he can’t live without her. He feels he could still take her out, an opinion Gail does not share, but she goes along with it. There are several dating attempts, but they all fail.
After the villain, Sgt. Van Greuning of the South African Police vice squad appears things get tense. 

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