Buck Hole Hollow: Adley

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Language : English

Publication Date : Oct 05, 2020

Book Description

Buck Hole Hollow


Adley was a fiercely independent woman who liked to do things on her own terms. Davis was three years out of a bad marriage, where he found out his wife never really loved him. Neither of them was looking for a relationship. Davis fought his feelings for Adley with every chance he got, but doing that messed with his head worse than anything else. And, he had a business to run.


Davis had the cutest Appalachian accent to go along with smoldering good looks. It looked like you could swim in his deep blue eyes until they turned lighter with ice crystals around them -- usually when his ex-wife showed up.

Davis bought the property next to Adley's and they met while she was clearing the property lines. Neither wanted a relationship, but their hearts said otherwise.

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