Chandra’s Quest

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Language : English

Publication Date : Dec 16, 2013

Book Description

In an alternate universe, Earth was invaded by a race of aliens from a planet called Nykarus and the result was a war that lasted five years, until a distress signal was sent out two years after the war started and intercepted by an old enemy of the Ny’Karin race.
The Kygourins fought side by side with humans to defeat the invaders, sending them back to the Pledius star system. However, many humans were stored in cryo-chambers on board the Ny’Karin motherships. When the Ny’Karins arrived on their home world, they distributed the Humans they had to habitable planets to the nearby solar systems; their funereal fate sealed to serve as slaves. Unlike many humans that were scattered throughout the system, Chandra an Enforcer (a cyborg soldier) was not meant to be a part of the culling, through a strange twist of fate, she was taken to one of Eurleau’s moons, Dyna and auctioned off to a Madam of an elite brothel. Adara takes her to the city Mu and Chandra undergoes a transformation, enabling her to serve as a high-class prostitute. Several years pass and Soran, Emperor of Nykarus, has tracked down Chandra. He pays Adara Sunn a visit, demanding that she hands Chandra over to him. She reluctantly agrees however, a clandestine meeting with a bounty hunter named Xenos, has swayed her decision and she sells Chandra to him. Xenos and Chandra leave Southern Atlan and her Life at the brothel ends but her quest to find the truth about herself, begins. The implant in her head is just the beginning. Her journey will take her to lands she has never seen before and dangers she must face along the way.

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