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Michael A. Sisti

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Michael A. Sisti is the International Book Award winner for his debut novel, Executive Crumple Zone. His other books include five novels, three humor books and the popular self-help book, The Failure Myth. He recently co-authored a show bible and pilot for a TV drama series with a playwright partner. And he consults with design, editing, and production advice for several other authors. Sisti’s newest novel, On the Brink, published in November 2023, won the International Firebird Award, and garnered 19 5-star reviews in its first three months on the market. As a serial entrepreneur,...

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ON THE BRINK–Chaos and Mayhem at the Office


At age eleven, Dave Powers balks at the escalating cost of fireworks in New York’s Chinatown. He opts instead to buy them wholesale and sell them, albeit illegally to his classmates. He concludes the marginally profitable but error-ridden venture leaving him brimming with confidence and captivated by the promise of entrepreneurship.

Over the next few years, a series of tragic events shatters his world. Dave must learn to navigate life’s challenges, including basic survival, business, and a love relationship. Upon entering the advertising world during the Mad Men era, he struggles to find his way amid the socially accepted excesses of nepotism, alcohol consumption, and the exploitation of women. Can Dave find the maturity to achieve his dreams? Or are his scars too deep to overcome?

Based on true events, On the Brink is a novel for young readers beginning their own journey, nurturing adults trying to soften their failures, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives.

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