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E.M. Wallis (Michael Wallis)

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E.M. Wallis is the creative pseudonym of Michael Wallis, a versatile journalist and dedicated local government communications officer, who lives in the idyllic Southwest of England. In his debut work, "Awaken the Warrior Inside," Michael crafts a soul-stirring anthology inspired by his daughter's battle with leukaemia at Bristol Children's Hospital. Navigating the tumultuous waters, their hospital room became a crucible for his poetic expression, delving into profound shadows of trauma— anxiety, fear, depression, and disbelief. As a father of four, Michael understands the dynamics of strength and unity...

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Awaken the Warrior Inside

Embark on an emotional journey through "Awaken the Warrior Inside," a poignant anthology of poetry born from a silent room in Bristol Children's Hospital.

Penned amidst a father's heart-wrenching journey alongside his daughter's battle with leukaemia, these verses are a testament to resilience, addressing the shadows of anxiety, fear, depression, numbness, and disbelief that accompany trauma. In the hushed moments of introspection, the author finds solace and strength, crafting poems that echo the triumphs and struggles of the healing ward.

This collection paints vivid landscapes of both the father's and daughter's physical and emotional resilience, offering readers a profound glimpse into the kaleidoscope of emotions defining the journey through illness. The rhythmic cadence of the author's pen becomes a refuge for those facing their own battles, providing a transformative experience through poetry.

"Awaken the Warrior Inside" transcends the boundaries of illness, inviting readers to explore universal themes of strength, hope, and creativity. This anthology celebrates the human spirit's capacity to find beauty and solace even in the darkest moments. With each carefully crafted line, the collection becomes a stepping stone towards healing, offering a reminder that, even in adversity, the human spirit can find its voice in the whispers of resilience. Join the author on an intimate odyssey through these pages, where each poem is a beacon of light, guiding the reader through the shadows and into the heart of strength.

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