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I'm an avid reader and writer living in the Twin Cities Metro area with my husband, 6 daughters, and 2 small grandchildren. Besides hanging around my husband, kids, and grandchildren, my days revolve around helping my husband run his auto repair business and writing romance novels. I get in my own little world and happy place when writing. And it makes my day to hear from my readers that they enjoyed whatever story of mine they read. I have a wild imagination and a huge sense of humor, and enjoy incorporating that crazy humor of mine into my stories and making my readers laugh. I also enjoy giving someone something to read to escape reality and make them feel that it's them i...

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My Dirty Little Secret


There's a huge problem; she's my best friend's little sister

I've known Desiree since she was five years old. And now that she's all grown up, parading her luscious body around me while her brother is out of town, I'm not so sure how much longer I can resist her. She drives me crazy, and the longer she's in my presence, I don't think I can control my hands or filthy mouth around her any longer.

I've wanted to make Desiree mine since I kissed her on her eighteenth birthday eight years ago. But her brother, Dante, and my best friend threatened that if I were ever to do that to her again, I'd be sorry, and said if I didn't wish to lose my lifelong friendship with him, I'd know what's good for me if I kept my hands and mouth to myself.

But I've got some dirty little secrets—ones I know Dante would kill me over if he ever found out what I've done and hidden from him over the years.

Now I need to figure out if losing a friendship with him is worth going after what I want. And since Desiree returned from college sporting a massive rock on her ring finger, I need to decide if going after her is worth it.

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