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Dawn Large

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Dawn Large grew up in New York City. The her Family moved to Brooklyn. She now lives in New Jersey with her children. She has been married to her first true sweetheart. They met in Brooklyn, New York when she was 13 and he was 14. She knew the first time she sent eyes on him, He was the one.     She has six children, two biological, two adopted and two in heaven.     This is Dawn’s first book. She felt God wanted her to write this book, and she had a willingness to help others.     

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My Spirit Filled Journey From Rags to Riches


“This is a story of a young girl’s struggles that follow her into adulthood,” Large shares. “From early childhood, a life filled with trauma, family dysfunction, a mother with mental illness, sexual abuse, drug abuse, and rejection. In a world filled with hopelessness, she found the courage to open her heart. With grace, she had to overcome her demons to eventually run into the arms of her God.”

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