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Uday Kagal

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I have been a “barefoot manager” in rural India, a globe-trotting corporate executive, and an innovation consultant across the business and development domains. I wrote five books due to these diverse experiences of 35+ years, mainly because it created a dissonance in me between the simple, traditional, rural life of peacefulness and coexistence and the complex, modern, urban one of restlessness and isolation. All these effectively challenged the “idea of progress” — much like my latest book: Homo destructus – Animals Paid The Price.

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Homo destructus - Animals Paid The Price


This book is my parting gift, so to speak, to “voiceless” animals and future generations. It comprehensively reviews our gross mistreatment of animals across spheres - stray and pet companion animals, animals on factory farms, and wildlife. It is a small book with a short message: prevent animal cruelty.

But it also carries a more ominous lesson for younger and future generations. The immense suffering we inflict on animals results not only in an "incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit," as Einstein put it but also a more catastrophic loss in the "free" ecosystem services we take for granted. The vision of a more prosperous future is illusory because it will backfire sooner than we think.

It is time to re-evaluate our lives and act – for animals, the planet, and us. I can only hope this book will help in some small measure. 

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