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SunBôw TrueBrother

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World traveler, shamanic practitioner, networker, international speaker, author of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity widely acclaimed trilogy, Hairy Humanoids from the Wild - Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch, and the Contemporary Shamanic Journeys series, counting three titles published. 

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Contemporary Shamanic Journeys - Volume Three


In this Volume Three of the Contemporary Shamanic Journeys series, the author takes the readers on the roads of North, Central and South America, exploring pre-Columbian civilizations, Indigenous traditional teachings and other ancient cultures, with the ancestral legacy their histories left us with. The Seven Fire Prophecy, the return of the White Buffalo, the mending of the Sacred Hoop, the reunion of the Condor and Eagle, the emergence of the Rainbow warriors and manifestations of other Native prophecies were witnessed and experienced first hand by the author, who renders a personal account of related milestone events. Various medicine teachers, shamanic practitioners, Elders and Wisdom Keepers met along the way have blessed the narrator with guidance and precious gems of spiritualist science shared in this series. 

 Apart from adventures, expeditions, gatherings, ceremonies and encounters, these memoirs provide geographical knowledge and historical insights, as well as reflections on the development of modern society via colonialism, admiralty law, secret societies, social engineering and the globalist agenda. Human relationships, whether positive or negative, remain among our experiences offering the greatest challenges and teachings along our life path. Everyone we met is a part of our life and should be acknowledged. Honoring the contributions of our peers, whether teachers, friends or foes, helps us to assimilate the lessons we are meant to learn. Thus, no biography would be complete without personal anecdotes. The greater perspective aims at healing and long term spiritual evolution for our souls. May this collection of true life stories sharing some of the knowledge they provided be inspirational, educational and entertaining for the readers. Best blessings to all...

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