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It took a while for Bob to know where he wanted to go with his writing. He’s always loved thrillers, but didn’t understand why they never include an inspirational message that can uplift the reader after the suspense is over. Bob endeavors to achieve that in his writing and hopes his novels stand out because of it. You can find out more about Bob’s books and other work at boblaurieauthor.His debut novel "The Book of Sonny" was self-published in 2016 and received excellent reviews on Amazon. Bob completed and self-published his second Inspirational thriller "A Deadly Miracle" released 2020 and recently completed and self-published his third inspirational thriller "Killi...

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Killing Love


Double crossed by Barrelli crime family, long time soldier Sal Lovato is being charged with murder of an undercover detective. Angry and unforgiving Sal has no problem snitching on his former bosses and accepts a deal to enter the witness protection program. With the cards stacked in his favor for making a sweet deal he demands what his new life will look like and it’s not the mall security guard the prosecutor proposed. Taking his girlfriend Susie was not part of the deal until she reveals she’s pregnant with Sal’s baby.
Their new lives as Sid Love and Diane Rivers starts out well, but Sal’s past catches up with him thanks to a perverted spying neighbor and a satanic cult that wants him dead. Sal will need his killer instincts again to face a day of reckoning that will either kill him or change him forever.

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