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Barbara Daniels Dena is an indie author and influential writer of an eclectic collection of short stories that include many genres. Book one, "For the Soul: A Collection of Short Stories," was released in August 2021, and book two, titled "One Soul's Journey," was released on Jan. 25th, 2023. Her books are available on Amazon Books, Amazon Kindle, and many fine online book sites.The stories are almost a memoir of inspiring and unique stories of 'good ole fashioned living,' along with many humorous past and present memories that will tug on the heart, fictional tall tales, and some children's tales delighting readers worldwide. Barbara began writing at an early age as...

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One Soul's Journey: Second Collection of Short Stories (Book 2 of The Soul Series)


One Soul's Journey is an eclectic and extraordinary collection of short stories. The ingredients: imagination, a dash of real life, inspiration, and lots of love. If you've read and loved her first collection, “For the Soul,” this book will delight you.

Two Short Stories Excerpts:

  1. “Stop talking to me. You know owls don’t talk. Do you want someone to hear you? People will think I am nuts, talking to you.”
  2. “Tracy knew a man was there. She felt his eyes on her, watching her. Feeling her fluttering heartbeat return to normal and the adrenaline surge passing, the original lure of the cabin returned to niggle at her curiosity bone.”

Praise for “For The Soul”
5 stars by Reader's Favorite
  • “Delightfully charming short stories”
  • “Excellent book. A must read”

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