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Herb Marlow

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Intriguing tales … told Texas-style … are the hallmark of legendary author, Herb Marlow. The acclaimed writer, educator, and counselor offers a rich series of historical and adventure novels that are destined to become classics for readers of all ages. These timeless treasures spark the imagination and remove the mystery from history as readers interact with captivating characters and creatures. Herb Marlow has been featured on TV, radio and in print publications nationwide. Seventy-Three of Herb’s books have been published. Dr. Marlow spent a portion of his adult life as a pastor. During those years, seeing the myriad of heartache...

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Gunner Hobbs


A WWII novel about a young Gunner's Mate - Max Hobbs - serving on a troop transport in the Pacific Theater. Hobbs is a man with exceptional eye sight who earns a snipers designation in Gunner's Mate school. When he graduates he is assigned to an APA in San Diego, and eventually takes part in the Battle of Tulagi, the Battle of Tarawa and the Battle of Saipan. Normally sailors don't fight on the ground with the Marines, but once his landing craft is shot out from under him on the reef at Tarawa Gunner has no choice. From that point forward Hobbs is in the midst of one of the great blood-lettings in the Pacific war. And then...

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