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As a child, I was mesmerized by story tellers and my mother always made sure I had a supply of books close at hand while I was growing up. Sitting on her lap and listening to her read to me is one of my earliest memories. I remember drawing pictures and then making up stories to go with them, and as I got older, my stories became longer and more fanciful. At age ten, I began to write them down, and when I was twelve, I wrote my first "book," all handwritten. I wrote during rainy days in gym class when we all had to stay in the locker room and sit on benches. I had a small cult following of friends who waited for me to finish each page which I would then pass down the row. Whe...

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The Wishing Jar


Write a wish.
Put it in the jar.
Say the wish out loud.
Hide the jar in a secret place.
Your wish will come true at midnight.

27-year-old attorney Julia Lynton, fed up with uncouth and immature men, wants to meet a proper gentleman like the ones in her grandmother’s Regency romance novels. After discovering a mysterious jar in a secret compartment of an antique desk, she travels to Linwood Park in Surrey, England, to discover the jar’s origin. Shortly after arriving, she begins to have dreams of things that happened over 200 years in the past. Using the wishing jar, she travels back to 1815 Regency England, where she meets Matthew, the perfect gentleman of her dreams.

Viscount Matthew Linwood, trapped in an arranged betrothal to cold and haughty Miss Caroline Lambert by his Grandmother Linwood and Uncle Devon, meets Julia, and the two are instantly smitten with each other. But little does Matthew know that Devon is also enamored with Julia and is plotting with his grandmother to compromise her and force her into marriage.

Will Julia be able to stay in the past and find her happily ever after with Matthew, or will her remaining result only in heartbreak and disaster for them both?

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